Emily: Challenge Day 7

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July 10, 2012 by emilyhenkel

Mason Jars, oh, Mason Jars. Soooo many amazing things that can be done with them it’s hard even knowing where to start.

I limited myself to four, but could have kept going for a long time.

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Button Jar:

Definitely the simplest one. I picked out a piece of scrapbook paper and used the inside cap of the lid to trace and cut out the circle.

Next, I taped the paper to the lid using double sided tape. The mason jars I have are canning jars, so the lid is in two pieces. Since I didn’t want to bother with reassembling it each time I open the jar, I trimmed a line of tape to fit the inside of the jar rim, holding the two pieces together.






Coffee Mix: 

Again, this was a simple scrapbook paper cut. But this paper was formerly a coffee gift card holder, given to me by a friend. I’ve been saving it because I loved the stickers and figured I’d find a use for it sooner or later.

I repeated the steps I did with the button jar, taping the paper to the lid and the lid to the jar cap.

What’s inside: As I wrote in a previous post, I’ve come up with a mix to blend into VIA instant coffee. I use this almost every morning and to save myself from measuring the sugar, chocolate, and cinnamon every day, I multiplied the measurements and mixed it all together in this jar. Now, all I have to do each

morning is dish out a few teaspoons.

White-Sparkle Candle Holder:

Another relatively easy project. I dumped quite a lot of shimmer paint into the jar, covered the lid with foil, and shook it up until the paint covered all the glass. As it dried, I rotated it to make sure the paint dried evenly.

There’s so many things I could have done to customize it further, but I was running out of time and left it at that.

It looks lovely with a small candle flickering inside.

Note: I left the rim of the cap on the jar, but not the center piece.


This one wins the prize for being the hardest. But only because I didn’t have the right tools.

Instead of drilling the hole for the soap with…a drill, I used a nail and a hammer (and a lot of time). I pounded little groups of holes until the opening became big enough to put the dispenser tube through.

I had to cut the tube slightly to fit into the short jar. This project could have been done with a full size jar, but since I planned to put hand sanitizer into it, I figured a small bottle would be more reasonable. We don’t need THAT much Purell.

Well… that brings me to the end of the week long challenge. I have a few other bloggers who have offered to be contributing authors. So you will be seeing posts from them. And maybe when I have another relatively open week, I’ll do another 7 days of pins.

Thanks for reading! Happy pinning.



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