Emily: Challenge Day 6

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July 9, 2012 by emilyhenkel

Medicinal Herb Garden

Pins I’ve used for inspiration:











This is something I’ve been wanting to work on for a long time, and have been slowly pulling together. Over the last few days I’ve finally finished the first steps.

I started by printing some bags to hold the dried herbs (working a little in advance, but it was a cute project). I already had some dried lavender so I created a description of the plant along with a watering can image to fit the size of the bag.

The printing is a little tricky to get right, so be careful. The paper needs to go through the manual feed, and you have to make sure that the bag is flat–so it won’t crumple and jam the printer.

Now, to the actual planting process:

I found herb seeds at Winco for a great price, and as you can see I went a little wild buying up tons of packets. The cool thing about these, the back flap details medicinal uses and how to prepare the herb into poultices and teas.

Popsicle sticks to label the plants. When I transfer the herbs to pots, I may try to make some miniature chalkboard signs.








I also have a mini-greenhouse seed starter. This way I can start the plants inside, and then transfer them to pots.

The next step is to add dirt, and follow the seed packet directions on how to plant each type of herb.








Now comes waiting… but in the meantime, I’ll show you what I plan on planting my herb garden in.

Vintage fruit crate I bought at the Alameda Antique Fair a few weeks ago. It will be a great way to easily store all the clay pots.

I found this on the side of the street, our neighbors were throwing it out. It’s supposed to be a desk divider for pens and office supplies, but instead, it will be repurposed as a planter. As soon as I drill some holes in the bottom.


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