Emily: Challenge Day 2


July 4, 2012 by emilyhenkel

Making your own gift bag. See the original pin here. It’s a fun project, and one that could have endless uses. The only things you need are: Paper, double sided tape (or decorative tape), scissors, and any extra embellishments you want to use.

It made a perfect bag for holding sparklers and glow sticks! 

Step 1: Cut out paper to desired size. I made mine on the small side, about the same width as a sandwich bag and a little shorter.

Step 2: Fold, and tape along the seam. I used a piece of double sided tape so that I could also attach a band of white over the seam. (In the original pin she used decorative tape.) Trim.

Step 3: Fold up corners. This is where I ran into trouble. The pin doesn’t exactly show what to do after this step, and it took a little mangling to get the bottom to fold back under to from the base. As a result, the bottom of the bag got a little crumpled. It should be noted that this bag will naturally create an oval shaped base, so don’t expect a perfect rectangle.

Step 4: Secure the bottom with a piece of double sided tape. I reached inside the bag and pushed it down on the table to make sure it would stick (while minimizing crumpling caused by pushing on the paper from the outside).

Step 5: Cut out strips for the handles, and attach to a rectangle strip of paper.

Attach the entire strip to the side of the bag. Repeat for the second side.

Step 6: Embellish. I tried putting a lace bow on the front, but decided the off-white clashed with the handles. And being a color perfectionist (and a little OCD) I decided to take it off. So instead I went with a red striped ribbon.


4 thoughts on “Emily: Challenge Day 2

  1. ipinterest says:

    Too cute! Happy to join along on your week to pin challenge…. doing it myself! 🙂

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