Emily: Challenge Day 1

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July 3, 2012 by emilyhenkel

Here we go! Day one–for me, Emily. Day one and I’m already breaking my rules. Rather than using an existing pin I created my own. Not that a pin like this doesn’t exist–I’m sure there are quite a lot, but I personally don’t have one saved. I’m also breaking the rules in that, my computer is in the store getting repaired so I can’t upload camera photos. Instead I’m stuck with the iPad, which has a notoriously lame camera. Hhh, I promise better next time.

The delima: I need a skirt for Independance Day and I don’t have much of anything red, white, or blue that fits the occasion.

The solution:

Pretty easy. I took an old summer dress, that after many washings has shrunk beyond use, and recreated it into a lightweight skirt.

Conveniently, the dress had an elastic waistband. So trimiming was easy. I cut just above the elastic and folded the fabric back, then finished it up with a quickstitch around the waist. (Coming back to cover this up later, so it doesn’t have to be perfect.)

Lastly I sewed a white ribbon to the front section of the skirt. I left the back free, so I could tie the ribbon into a bow.

I think I’ll wear it with a red button up shirt, some red shoes, and of course, patriotic nails.

Hope everyone has  very happy Independence Day!

Remember, we are just getting started with this blog project. I’m still looking for people to participate in the challenge. If you are interested, comment or email me at: weektopin@gmail.com 🙂


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