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July 2, 2012 by emilyhenkel

A Week To Pin: The Pinterest Challenge

Since Pinterest launched in September 2011 it has attracted millions of bloggers, crafters, hipsters, moms, teachers, professionals, and everyone in-between with it’s endless vaults of good ideas. We find everything from how to keep our christmas lights from getting tangled, to making our own earth friendly dish soap, to up-cyling literally everything in sight.

The problem? Not many of us take our dozens of  boards containing thousands of pins and actually DO them. Seems like a waste of such helpful information and the precious free time (or office time, or should-be-doing-the-dishes-time) used to pin our fabulous finds.

Sounds like we need a little motivation. Hence, the Pinterest Challenge.

Here’s how it works:

1. Choose a week.

2. Pick 7 pins from seven different categories. (Why not expand our horizons? Crafters can be bakers too!)

3. Blog: Take quality photos as you work. Write about how it went (even if the project flopped-we can learn from your experience). And of course: Don’t forget to tell us about your modifications, tips and tricks.

4. Come full circle and pin your blog entry on pinterest, with the hashtag #weektopin.

5. Feel accomplished knowing your pinterest procrastination has finally been conquered, and enjoy your seven new creations.

Simple enough?

Want to take the challenge? Email me, at weektopin@gmail.com. I’ll get you set up with your publishing link.


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